Located close to the centre of  High Wycombe, in an old hotel dating from the end of 19 century, there is an exceptional gastropub perfect for lunch, take a coffee while working on your laptop, have dinner or party with friends.

Welcome to the Reach Bar & Grill! At the heart of this great pub’s ambition is a real desire to transform traditional British gastronomy and bring a modern touch to the nation’s favourite recipes thanks to a menu exclusively made in-house using local ingredients.

History of the Wye Hotel

The Reach Bar & Grill is part of the Wye  Hotel. Opened in 2013 in an effort to renovate the hotel’s building and integrate it into the environment of the high-end apartments recently built, the gastronomic pub has a 600 years old rich history. Renovated to its previous glory, The Reach Bar & Grill is an interesting destination for ghost hunters and for people with different professions and interests like the founder of topnewbingosites.co.uk. Impressed by the history of the The Reach Bar & Grill and to keep the legend alive, he offered his gratuitous support. The bar was named after the Wye River, a wealthy family who owned property on the shoreline of the river, the hotel-restaurant is located next to the Corn Market building in the centre of the town, and 27 miles (43 km) southeast of Oxford.

Since the fire in the hotel in 1899, Wye Hotel is a place of apparitions and paranormal events that can only be explained with the death of two souls during the tragic event. The Reach Bar &G rill is home to its own ghost, Annie’s, who regularly appears staring at visitors, dressed in black. The story tells us that Annie haunts the bar for more than 100 years and that she is one of the many women prostitutes who haunt the building. Legend has it that she is one of the victims of the fire and can sometimes be heard laughing or singing in the cellars in which she roams eternally. With its great food, fantastic atmosphere and ghostly background story, the Reach Bar & Grill is a great place to visit and enjoy with family and friends.

Built between 1881 and 1883 to meet the needs of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company and its halting passengers, the hotel was pleased to welcome Joseph Rudyard Kipling, on his way to India. He even mentioned the place in his novel “The Light that Failed”! The building was designed by George Vigers and Thomas Wagstaffe. After the fire, the hotel took a sinister turn and earned itself a bad reputation. After closing in 1899, the hotel has been abandoned and is still looking for an owner up to revive its business to this day.

The Reach Bar & Grill Today:

Situated just a few steps from Buckinghamshire New University, the Reach Bar & Grill offers an off-campus experience for students who want to relax with friends enjoying a drink or meal. The students are part of the atmosphere of the bar restaurant, and the latter makes them feel good by offering them a special menu and discounted prices.

With its modern kitchen and student atmosphere, the Reach Bar & Grill is an ideal place to have a good time with friends and family for lunch, dinner or just to party in the evening. Equipped with several tv screens, the gastronomic pub is also perfect to follow the various sports events that are broadcasted. You are probably aware that the World Cup of Football will take place in 2018 and the Reach is the ideal location to watch the games together. The menu of the restaurant and bar varies and offers dishes suitable for all times of the day. The food is served at an exceptional level of excellence. Sandwiches between midday and tea time, dishes elaborately elaborate, dishes to share without forgetting the dishes of the day and the delicious dessert … It is a real pleasure for the taste buds!

St.Patrick's Day velvet cupcakes
Cheeseburger with beef meat and french fries on the wooden table


With regular events including Valentine’s Day, Australia Day or St Patrick’s Day, the Reach Bar & Grill is a vibrant place to meet friends or get to know new people. The establishment is also conducive to the organisation of events. You can reserve the place by contacting the management by calling them directly or by using the email service of the website. The bar and the kitchen are open every day of the week from morning till night and stay open late at night depending on the people and the general mood. European and French Modern cuisine, live music on Fridays, anime nights and student life make Reach Bar & Grill a great place to visit if you are in the area or have it as your favourite hobby spot if you live in the area. With excellent reviews on social networks and the tourism platform such as TripAdvisor, Reach Bar & Grill has built a solid reputation and is today one of the best dineries in High Wycombe.