Live Music at The Reach Bar & Grill

Live Music at The Reach Bar & Grill

There is nothing more pleasant than smoking a cigarette with a glass of whiskey in hand and enjoying a live jazz concert or listening to the original songs of an unknown young musician. That’s precisely what the Reach Bar & Grill offers you from Friday to Sunday, the venue is transformed into a scene welcoming professional and amateur artists bringing the best of music with a selection of eclectic musical genres. Fridays are reserved for jazz music. A resident group called the Bad Catzs, enliven the evening with an improvised musical session to which any experienced musician is invited to take part too. It is not uncommon to see trumpet players, guitarists, singers and other musicians join the Friday night jam sessions hosted at the Reach Bar & Grill. On Saturdays, the place takes on the air of nightclub and welcomes a resident DJ who passes the current popular titles. It is in a festive atmosphere that guests of the gastropub can enjoy the many cocktails a la carte after a good meal. What better way to spend your Saturday night? On Sundays, the opportunity to discover young talents is offered to the guests of the Venue. The stage is open to all who, guitar in hand, want to share with the audience their love for music with their covers of famous titles or with their own original songs.

Jazz Fridays

Do you sometimes sing in the shower, pinch the strings of a guitar from time to time, slip some piano notes or play a brass instrument? Whether you are a virtuoso musician or just a music lover, Friday night at the Reach Bar & Grill are sure to please. The resident group, the Bad Catzs, are composed of a pianist, a double bassist, a drummer and a saxophonist. The four musicians have more than 25 years of experience and are experts of the soul jazz genre. Every Friday, they will have a jam session where every musician who has the guts to go on stage is invited to take part. The result is sometimes surprising and can take unsuspected directions for an unforgettable and unique evening. Each jam sessions are different depending on the mood of the Catzs and, above all, depending on who will do the honours of sharing his or her musical talents with the group and the audience of the Reach Bar & Grill.

Nightlife Saturdays

Saturdays are days of celebration at the Reach Bar & Grill. DJ Satchmo sets the mood with his musical selection that will make you sing, laugh and dance throughout the evening. Compiling titles from yesterday, today and tomorrow, the festive atmosphere of the gastropub on Saturday night will make you ask for more. Nothing like a good meal, a few beers or cocktails and a good old mix from DJ Satchmo to start Saturday evening on the right foot before hitting the city’s night clubs.

Relaxing Sundays

To recover from last night, Sundays are much more relaxing at the Reach Bar & Grill. To recover from last night, Sundays are much more relaxing at the Reach Bar & Grill. With a special Sunday menu made of roasts of different types of meat, the gastropub invites its guests to relax and savour the roasted dishes slowly prepare specially for the weekly day of rest. To accompany this meal, the bar-restaurant invites the country’s solo artists to perform on stage. Piano and guitar are made available to artists who take turn to entertain the audience with covers of famous songs or their own original creations. Everyone is accepted on stage provided they offer elaborate music or a stand-up comedy bit, the only risk being to flop and get out of the scene under the public’s hoots.

Great Live Music Weekends

That concludes the musical program of the Reach Bar & Grill. Each evening is unique and the fact that any musician can participate at any time makes the bar alive all weekends. With great food, wonderful staff, and lively events, it is hard to find a better place for lunch, diner, or spending the weekend.